Debbie Joseph Consulting, Inc offers a full range of coaching, consulting, training and project-based outsourcing services to professionals, synagogues, non-profit organizations and small businesses. Contact Debbie to discuss a custom project or service for you such as: 


Consulting with leaders to successfully realize their organization's vision, achieve their goals and engage in major projects, initiatives, and cultural transition and transformation. My goal with consulting is to provide hands-on support, training, direction, and deliverables. 


Coaching leaders one-on-one to achieve their highest potential and perform their roles with excellence. Professional and volunteer leaders alike can benefit from one-on-one coaching with Debbie Joseph - in times of stability, in times of transition, in times of crisis and in times when all that's needed is for someone to listen to YOU. My goal with coaching is to help leaders do their best work and to achieve their peak performance by providing guidance, support, and resources.   


Training leaders by designing and implementing custom workshops, seminars, retreats, webinars, curricula and processes. My goal with training is to build leaders' confidence, skills and knowledge so they can perform their roles with excellence and help their organizations plan for a new era.


Managing projects with clearly defined goals and time frames, like developing programs, planning special events, ghostwriting, designing philanthropic campaigns, guiding fundraising & development efforts, designing surveys, conducting in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, facilitating focus groups, conducting research, analyzing data and trends, and writing press releases and writing reports. My goal with project management and outsourcing is to complete a project from beginning to end for organizations that do not have the resources, expertise or time to do it themselves.

Together, we will decide which service is appropriate for your organization. No matter which service you choose, Debbie Joseph Consulting, Inc will provide practical, professional expertise.

Fees are determined on a project basis. Call Debbie Joseph TODAY to discuss partnering together to plan for a new era.

planning for a new era