Here just a few examples of the kinds of the workshops Debbie Joseph can offer to your organization. All workshops are custom designed to meet your specific needs and timeframe. Each workshop stands alone or can be combined with another to create a full program. Workshops can be delivered in person, or by webinar, for one or multiple synagogues or organizations. All workshops are interactive, collaborative, and utilize a number of hands-on exercises and custom-designed practical tools to engage participants and leave them with knowledge, tools, and confidence to plan for a new era in their organizations.

Exploring the Financial Culture of Synagogues©

The goals of this interactive session are to:

  1. Learn the basic process that congregations go through to: a) evaluate their current dues and membership models; and b) explore and adopt alternative ones 
  2. Apply practical tools and resources to actually begin this process together  
  3. Discuss the benefits and challenges of different dues and membership models
  4. Learn from the experiences, successes, and challenges of voluntary dues synagogues
  5. Learn from and share with each other
  6. Develop an action plan to move forward strategically

Money Talk©

Learn how to talk about money in a way that builds relationships and breaks down barriers to membership. Redefine the meaning of membership and examine how your synagogue communicates what it means to be a member. Discover how financial transparency can be part of the problem and part of the solution. Money Talk© opens the door for this provocative conversation and leaves participants with practical tools and strategies to significantly improve how they speak with members and prospective members about money and belonging.

Ready | Set | Change©

Feel like you need to change your funding model, your leadership model, your planning model? Maybe you are approaching a transition time in your organization - your clergy is moving on, you are beginning a search process or you are contemplating a merger or selling your building...and you need a little help getting started? This workshop will guide you through practical questions, exercises, and evaluative tools to help you develop the best change process for your situation. Following this workshop, let Debbie Joseph will guide you through the process to to help you achieve optimal results. 

Ready | Set | Lead©

There is a buzz about being ‘relational’, ‘connected’, ‘networked’, welcoming, and inclusive. We worry about member outreach, in-reach, recruitment, and retention. We read about values, vision, and mission-driven organizations. We worry about losing the younger generation and burning-out the boomers. This workshop is designed to help you develop a practical leadership strategy for YOUR synagogue or organization. What do you need as a leadership team to plan for a new era? What do your members need and how can you deliver? What can you learn from all that is abuzz about leadership, engagement, and community, and apply it in very practical ways to move your community forward with purpose and clarity? 


"The value was clear when Debbie brought 18 Philadelphia-area community of synagogues together for a discussion about money. Synagogues have many decisions to make when it comes to how they talk about money. We had a chance to discuss financial matters that all professionals and lay leaders need to be aware of - voluntary dues, engaging with your members more effectively with your current dues structure, or even a more agreeable and dignified dues relief process. Debbie is a terrific resource. She brings years of experience in partnering with synagogues to make them aware of various practices and shares resources that will most certainly shape the future of how synagogues impact their surrounding communities."


Executive Director, Congregation Beth Chaim, Princeton Junction, NJ

"I had the pleasure of participating in 'Exploring the Financial Culture of Synagogues' facilitated by Debbie Joseph. There were 18 synagogues represented, and a mix of staff and leadership with a huge range of experience. It is an incredible challenge to work with such a diverse attendance. Debbie handled it well with a presentation that was engaging on many levels so that everyone could find some benefit, something that they could take with them that gave a different, more informed perspective on their own individual situations. I am excited that Debbie will be a presenter at the annual conference of the North American Association of Synagogue Executives to be held in San Diego in March 2015."


Executive Director, Har Zion Temple, Penn Valley, PA

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